Ferodo Racing – In-Depth with V-Sport

//Ferodo Racing – In-Depth with V-Sport
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In the world of motorsports, Ferodo has achieved many outstanding successes. Through Formula 1, endurance racing, rallying, saloons and other circuits, Ferodo brake products have been the choice of champions, with proven performance and advantage on the track. In Australia, Ferodo are a popular option for dual street-track use and for sprint racing.

V-Sport stock Ferodo pads to suit a wide range of vehicles in street, track, and rally environments. See the charts below to determine a suitable brake pad material, or scroll down to compare materials by their characteristics and find your pads in the parts finder.

Performance Characteristics by Compound

DS Performance is a great value option for replacing your OEM brake pads, suitable for daily street and light track use.

  • Combines track pad performance with road pad refinement
  • Designed for street use (can also be used for track days)
  • Average friction coefficient of 0.40 over working temperature of 0°-460°C

Intended as a high-performance road/track pad, DS2500 offers powerful and predictable braking at an economical price point.

  • Kind on discs, extended pad life with street/light track use
  • Spirited street, track day and light race use pad for all vehicle types
  • Road style refinement that uses race material to withstand higher temps while maintaining long pad life and friction levels
  • Average friction coefficient of 0.42 over working temperature range of 0°-500°C

As the benchmark of high-performance brake pads, the Ferodo DS3000R debuted in 1998 and has since contributed to countless podium results in Touring Car & GT championships worldwide. When installed on lighter racing cars, lower brake pressures are required for required deceleration.

  • Heavy duty all-round material choice
  • Multiple applications – touring car, rally, single seat
  • Average friction coefficient of 0.48 over working temperature range of 200°-650°C

*Recommended only as a rear pad for Circuit & Rally use. Contact us for more info.

  • Light/Medium duty race material specifically for Formula cars
  • Average friction coefficient of 0.46 over working temperature range of 200°-450°C
  • Very short bedding time
  • Excellent bite
  • Low drag & excellent release
  • Offers control to avoid wheel lock when downforce reduces

Based on a chemical family known as the Siloxanes, Ferodo’s DS1.11 pads are a true ceramic material brake pad. Consistent at even the highest working temperatures, the DS1.11 experiences nil fade and has the longest pad life of the entire Ferodo range.

  • Heavy duty endurance material
  • Suitable for touring car, GT, single seat
  • Acrage friction coefficient of 0.46 over working temperature range of 200°-750°C
  • Long Pad Life
  • Very kind to discs

DS UNO pads are proven in GT, Touring, Formula Ford & Rally competition enviroments for their high friction output, consistent modulation and long disc/pad life. Known as the ultimate ‘good feel’ pad, DS UNO performs consistently lap to lap, and throughout the pad’s life.

  • Heavy duty semi-endurance material
  • Suitable for touring cars, GT, single seat, rally disciplines
  • Average friction coefficient of 0.48 over working temperature range 200°-750°C
  • Very controllable torque output
  • Very kind to discs
  • Long pad life

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