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Endless are a Japanese brake manufacturer specialising in performance brake pads. First recognised for their rapid uptake in the Japanese F3000 competition, Endless now produce a vast range of braking options for street and race, with a focus on driver safety through reliable and effective stopping, every time.

Endless’ street & competition pads have been critical to their success as a brand, as they are well-respected in the worlds of Rally, Endurance, & GT Production circuit racing.

Aside from a wide range of performance brake pads, Endless also produce calipers and discs for the performance street and race markets. Caliper options include billet alloy Monoblock and traditional assembled bodies in 4-piston and 6-piston formations, painted or anodized in a range of striking colours. Equally stunning and customisable performance rotors also bear the Endless name, available in single, two or three piece constructions. For more info on Endless brake discs & calipers, please use our custom brake enquiry form.

Brake Pad Compounds

Endless pads are generally known for the following characteristics, with compound options to suit your specific application.

  • Excellent cold performance
  • Excellent modulation – controllable right up to the point of wheel lock-up
  • Fade free to 800°C
  • Disc friendly material prolongs disc life

Entry level performance street brake pads.
Endless SS-Y is known for significantly improved street performance over OE brake pads, particularly with initial bite and fade recovery, and as a pad that performs reliably in any conditions. With the control characteristics of a race pad, SS-Y is an excellent street pad choice for drivers who want to install and drive away. Drivers will love the confidence of SS-Y’s initial bite and control.

  • Working Temperature 0-400°C
  • Friction Coefficient of 0.35-0.45
  • Suitable for daily / spirited street driving

The all-round achiever.
Endless SS-M is the ultimate all-round street brake pad, offering superior bite, control, and pad/rotor life while producing minimal dust and noise for a clean, comfortable driving experience. Debunking the myth that low-dust and low-noise pads are less effective, SS-M is a great choice for drivers who want to do a mix of daily-street & sports-style driving. 

  • 0-530°C Working Temperature
  • Friction Coefficient of 0.30-0.40
  • Very low dust keeps wheels cleaner for longer
  • Ultimate Street / Daily brake pad



A low-dust type street sports pad, which increases braking performance while suppressing noise.
In recent years, low dust output has become expected of high-performance street brake pads. Endless has successfully followed this concept from an early stage, receiving praise from street users seeking improved braking performance in their street and sports cars. Endless SS-S brake pads minimise brake noise with increased initial bite, with excellent feel and modulation.

  • High braking performance with low noise
  • better initial street braking
  • 0-480°C Working Temperature
  • High-performance street brake pad
  • Friction Coefficient 0.38-0.45

Endless NS97 is perfect for daily driving in street cars – offering high-performance characteristics with street comfort.

This is an advanced street compound exhibiting low wear and superb initial response, while producing low amounts of brake dust.

Suitable for every day use as well as spirited street, highway and country road use.

  • Great control & fade resistance with low-dust
  • 0.37-0.43 Friction Coefficient
  • 0-500°C Working Temperature

Endless PC is an excellent all-round brake pad for European and other import vehicles. Sharing many of the characteristics of the SS-M compound, Endless PC offers superior bite, control, and pad/rotor life while producing minimal dust and noise for a clean, comfortable driving experience. Debunking the myth that low-dust and low-noise pads are less effective, PC is suitable for drivers who want to do a mix of daily-street & sports-style driving. 

  • 0-530°C Working Temperature
  • Friction Coefficient of 0.30-0.40
  • Very low dust keeps wheels cleaner for longer
  • Ultimate Street / Daily brake pad


MX72 is a semi-metallic compound that minimises dust and brake noise, improving brake performance at low temperatures and remaining stable at high temperatures. This material is kind on discs and has great pedal feel, due to the semi-metallic pad material. 

  • 50-700°C Working Temperature
  • Friction coefficient of 0.37-0.47
  • Suited to drivers who want to use the same pads for street, highway, track days, circuit racing and general ‘all-round’.
  • Also suited to heavy vehicles with low braking capacity such as Minivans & SUVs


MX72 Plus is a great all-round pad with particular focus on the circuit driver. It is commonly used for daily street, highway and normal track day driving. Compared with MX72, this compound offers improved stability and control at higher temperatures and braking pressures.

  • All-round high-performance pad, suitable for street and track
  • 50-750°C Working Temperature
  • Friction coefficient of 0.39-0.47
  • Semi-metallic pad material
  • Previously known as Endless MXRS

Similar to the MX72 compound but with less metallic content, Type-R is characteristically lower in initial bite and maintains a lower friction profile. Perfect for lower weight vehicles with lighter grip requirements, or those that prefer to retain a higher pedal pressure. This is an effective starting point for tuning brake characteristics via compound in any street and/or track vehicle. 

  • Suitable for Street & Track Use
  • Offers increased control and pedal feel, with less initial bite and aggression
  • 50-650°C Optimal Working Temperature
  • 0.30-0.35 Friction Coefficient

A true ‘hands on’ brake pad, which demonstrate high braking performance under low temperatures, high temperatures, and all conditions.

Endless developed CCRg as a track day pad with great heat resistance and a very flat torque curve. In its second generation (released May 2017), CCRg is now much kinder on discs at low temperatures but retains very good modulation and pedal release characteristics. We recommend CCRg for track day use for drivers who seek more control and slightly less bite than MX72 or MX72 Plus.

  • Recommended for Track Day use
  • Friction coefficient of 0.38-0.45
  • Working temperature 50-800°C
  • Semi-metallic pad material

This compound is not suitable for street use.

PC35 pads have won races and championships in cars from historic Ford Mustangs to Mitsubishi Evos, including the prestigious Targa Tasmania – won by V-Sport customer Steve Glenney in 2008 driving an EVO IX.

As the undisputed Endless choice for Circuit & Tarmac applications, PC35 brake pads offer short, stiff pedal feel. They have a high initial bite and good modulation, with a strong friction coefficient of 0.40-0.45. Fade resistance to 800°C ensures PC35 will stand up to even the most demanding courses and conditions.

  • Suitable for Track Days, Circuit and Tarmac Rally
  • Friction coefficient of 0.40-0.45
  • Optimal temp range 300-800°C
  • Semi-Metallic Pad Material

High friction and great control, even under extreme braking conditions.

W003 was developed for the demanding brake conditions of rally and raid racing. Due to the extreme braking conditions of these events, W003 was developed with a special heat process to withstand even higher optimal working temperatures than Endless’ other race compounds. The product of this increased fade resisitance is realised with great modulation (feel/control) and a stable friction curve across the temperature range.

  • Suitable for aggressive circuit, tarmac rally and sprint–medium race applications
  • 200-850°C Optimal Temperature Range
  • 0.4-0.45 Friction Coefficient

ME20 & ME22 are Endless’ sprint race and rally material for lightweight and FWD cars, offering medium friction levels and good modulation.

ME20 has a slightly higher friction coefficient of 0.35-0.40, and is popular for Group N rally cars such as Mitsubishi Lancer GroupN.

ME22 is a lower friction material with increased graphite content to lubricate the braking operation. This results in a very stable friction without such an aggressive bite at ME20. Friction coefficient 0.33-0.38.

  • Suitable for Sprint Racing / Circuit / Rally 
  • 150-800°C Optimal Working Temperature
  • Popular in light vehicle / FWD applications

S580 was developed as a high-friction compound for GT cars. A high initial bite, quick response and good modulation makes this semi-metallic compound most popular for circuit racing of Sprint – Medium length events.

  • Sprint / Medium Circuit Pad with High Friction
  • 0.45-0.60 Friction Coefficient
  • Semi-Metallic Material


N84M is a semi-metallic pad suited for endurance racing in cars with full competition brake systems. It is a hugely popular compound for events like the Bathurst 6hour, but is also be used in events or 24hours or longer. Endurance pad friction coefficient of 0.30-0.35 with excellent modulation and very low disc wear. Fade resistant to 800°C.

This pad is also a great choice for Sprint Races and Production cars with standard braking systems, complimenting the factory brakes with low disc wear, great modulation and fade resistance.

  • Suitable for endurance racing in standard & full-competition brake systems
  • 0.30-0.35 Friction Coefficient
  • 300-800°C Optimal Temperature Range
  • Most Popular pad of the Bathurst 6Hour

The YC26A is a Bathurst 12hour winning endurance pad — the ultimate solution where low pad wear is required.

Low friction coefficient of 0.28-0.33µ, great disc preservation and excellent modulation cement these pads as a leading endurance race pad. High-temperature brake fluid is recommended for all sintered pad setups.

  • Suitable for Endurance Racing, including 24hour events
  • Friction coefficient of 0.28-0.33
  • Sintered pad material
  • Excellent modulation & disc life

Detailed compound description coming soon. Please contact us for details.

Avalable to order for:

Mazda Rx7, RX8

Nissan 180SX
Nissan S13, S14, S15
Nissan R33, R34, R35 GT-R
Nissan 350Z
Nissan Laurel

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